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Please read all the instructions before filling in this form, including the eligibility requirements and the issues we expect to be covered in your research proposal.

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In order to check your eligibility as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher, it is essential that we have the exact date on which you were awarded the degree that entitles you to begin a PhD - usually this would be a Masters. If you have more than one Masters, this must be the first, independent of field.

It is also essential that we have full information on your country/ies of residence over the last three years and your research experience since your first degree.

For family status, please note that according to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie criteria, a researcher is considered to "have family charges" if they are "married or have a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the national legislation of the country of the host organisation or of the nationality of the researcher, and/or have charge of children".

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> Mobility requirements. Please complete the table below with details of your country(ies) of residence and your main activity (work, studies, etc) during the previous three years. Please include details of the dates you were awarded your degree(s). You do not need to include short visits or holidays. If you need additional rows, include them in your personal statement.

CountryActivity Start dateEnd date

Research experience. Please complete the table below with details of your research training and research experience since your first degree was awarded. This does not include periods of employment in which there was no research element. If you have no research experience since your first degree, you can leave this table blank. If you need additional rows, include them in your personal statement.
Research training
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Other comments:

The following information will not be considered when evaluating the applications but is needed for reporting statistics to the EU. Family status is also used to determine whether you qualify for the EU's Family Allowance if you are successful.

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