Jari Häkkinen, Martin Lagerholm, Carsten Peterson and Bo Söderberg
Local Routing Algorithms Based on Potts Neural Networks
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 11, 970-977 (2000)

A feedback neural approach to static communication routing in asymmetric networks is presented, where a mean field formulation of the Bellman-Ford method for the single unicast problem is used as a common platform for developing algorithms for multiple unicast, multicast and multiple multicast problems. The appealing locality and update philosophy of the Bellman-Ford algorithm is inherited.For all problem types the objective is to minimize a total connection cost, defined as the sum of the individual costs of the involved arcs, subject to capacity constraints. The methods are evaluated for synthetic problem instances by comparing to exact solutions for cases where these are accessible, and else with approximate results from simple heuristics. The computational demand is modest.

LU TP 98-05