The Scientific Method, MNXA19/SASF10, 7.5hp VT 2019

Group Discussions

Each main lecture will be followed up with group discussions. For each session there will be a discussion leader and a rapporteur. The discussion leader should make careful notes during the lecture in order to lead the discussions in a meaningful way. The rapporteur will take notes during the discussions and submit a short written report on what was discussed together with reflections on how the discussions went and feedback to the discussion leader. This report should include a list of participants and should be submitted via the Canvas system within a week after the discussions, and at the very latest on March the 29th. A copy of the report should also be e-mailed to the discussion leader.

The report on what was discussed should be short and itemised. Who said what, is unimportant, but short quotes from the discussions are welcome. The report should clearly state the names of the discussion leader and and the other students who participated.

The following points are important in the feedback to the discussion leader:

  • Preparation: Was the discussion leader well prepared? Was the other participants prepared?
  • Content: Was there a pre-compiled list of discussion topics before the discussions? Were more topics added during the discussion? Did the discussions stay on topic or drift out?
  • Control: Did the discussion leader make sure that everyone were participating, and that no one was interrupted? Did the discussion leader intervene if the discussions strayed to far off topic, or if somebody talked too much? Did the discussion leader talk too much?
  • General: Was there a good flow in the discussions? Were the participants frequently interrupted by the discussion leader or by others? Did the participants seem to enjoy the discussions?
Both leading a discussion session and writing a report are compulsory parts of the course. Also, it is required that each student participates in at least six discussion sessions.

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