The Scientific Method, MNXA19/SASF10, 7.5hp VT 2019

Interviews with active researchers

In small groups (2-3) the students find two or three active researchers and interview them about the way they do their research. A summary and analysis of these interviews are then presented in a short report.

Preparation: The group finds two or three active researchers willing to be interviewed. Any field of research is allowed, and the researched need not necessarily be working at Lund University. Please discuss the choice of researchers with the course responsible before approaching them. A list of questions should be written down and be submitted to Canvas and will be peer-reviewed by another group.

Report: The result and analysis of the interviews should be presented in a report of around six pages (20 000 characters) written jointly by the students. The reports should be organised as follows:

  • Introduction with a brief description of the interviews.
  • Brief description of the chosen researchers and their field of research.
  • Summary of the responses and the researcher's description of their scientific method.
  • An analysis of the responses in the context of the different theories of the scientific method discussed in Chalmers or in the lectures.
  • Summary and conclusions

The report must be written entirely by the students. Quotes from other sources are allowed as long as they are marked clearly with a proper reference. Any suspicion of plagiarism will be reported to the Vice Chancellor.

The reports will be reviewed by the students themselves. Every group of students will be assigned another group's report to review and give feedback. This will be done in two steps. First a near-final draft of the report is sent to the reviewers who will respond with written feedback. Then the reviewers will present and discuss the final report with all students, giving further feedback to the authors and allowing them to respond. In this discussion session the reviewers should also comment in the authors response to the original feedback. In preparation for the discussion session, all students should read all reports, at least cursorily, to be able to contribute to the discussions.

  • The potential interviewees and a list of suggested questions to these should be submitted via the Canvas system and e-mailed to the group assigned to give feedback, by noon, Thursday the 5th of February. The feedback group should then by noon, Tuesday the 12th of February comment on the questions (eg. comparing with their own) by email, and submit a copy to Canvas.
  • A near-final draft of the report in PDF-format should be submitted in Canvas and e-mailed to the appointed feedback group, by noon, Tuesday the 26th of February.
  • The feedback group should send their comments to the draft to the authors and submit a copy to Canvas by noon, Monday the 4th of February.
  • The final report in PDF-format should be submitted in Canvas and e-mailed to the the appointed feedback group by noon, Friday the 8th of March.
  • The final reports will be discussed on Monday the 11th (13-17), and Tuesday the 12th of Match (13-17).

The interviews, the report and the feedback are compulsory parts of the course.

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