A responsive website created to provide some helpful links for new members of the department

What is this page for?

This page is intended to be a list of things to do when arriving at the theoretical high-energy physics (THEP) department
at Lund University. It is written by Smita Chakraborty, Andrew Lifson, Dr. Christian Reuschle and Harsh Shah, current
international PhD students and PostDocs, and is based on our experience of arriving and settling in Lund. As such,
if something is out of date or unclear, we highly welcome feedback. We have intentionally kept things brief, with links
to more information. If you have any questions before or after arriving in Lund please don't hesitate to contact us.

We sub-divided tasks into two groups:

Before arrival:

  1. VISA and residence permit: Two possibilities:
    • Non-EU/EEA citizen you must apply for visa for you and for your family members: At Migration svenska
      you can check requirements and procedure depending your country of origin. Please Note:
      • The application can take up to 3 months-check the current waiting time at the migrationsverket.
      • Your permit cannot last longer than the expiry date on your passport.
      • Each member of your family will be processed individually – make sure that all documents for all individuals are in order.
    • EU/EEA citizen You may not be required to apply for VISA to work and stay in Sweden. Check at Migration svenska

  2. Coordination number: Required as (identification) if staying for less than 12 months.
    • If you can arrive without a residence permit you'll need a coordination number until you receive a personal number
      (contact Eva Jurlander along with supervisor/principal instructor).

  3. Housing Housing is available in Lund, Malmö, surrounding towns, Helsingborg, or even Copenhagen.
    Methods to find accommodation are:

  4. Insurance: Temporary travel insurance may be recommended. For what is covered by the university see the staff insurance webpage.

After arrival:

  1. Swedish personal number: Get as soon as possible! Required for almost everything in Sweden, including personal id,
    opening bank accounts, and getting healthcare. Visit your nearest Skatteverket location to register and obtain your personal

  2. Swedish ID: Can only get this after receiving your personal number. It is required to open a bank account,
    and easiest ID for all other Swedish interactions. Must make an appointment at Skatteverket in Malmö (not available in Lund).

  3. LU Access Card: Available at LU Kortet. Needed for after-hours acces into THEP building (and office-hours access to Astronomy).
    • Temporary Obtain with coordination number
    • Permanent Obtain with personal number (date of birth)

  4. Bank Account: To open one requires a Swedish ID card, so obtain this first. Some information is below:

  5. Insurance: Social security/healthcare automatically covered with personal number. Additionally, it's best to sign up for:
    • Social Insurance: Sign up at Forsakringskassan, and send in this form for e.g. long-term illness benefits, parental benefits etc.
    • Housing Insurance: Tenants should have their own insurance for theft, fire, accidents etc. Websites usually in Swedish so
      easiest is to call companies directly.
    • Unemployment Insurance: For academics, Akademikernas a-kassa is usually recommended. Required to be a member for
      12 months before benefits begin.

  6. National helpline numbers: Several important phone numbers are collected here. To summarise:
    • 112 (for emergencies)
    • 1177 (for medical advice when in Sweden)
    • +46771117700 (for medical advice when abroad or calling from a foreign number)
    • 11 414 (contact police in non-emergency)
    • 113 13 (for information about accidents and emergencies)

  7. Healthcare: Required to register at a healthcare centre (Vårdcentral). Find your most convenient centre here (in Swedish), and visit it
    to fill in required form. Note, small children have separate healthcare centres (barnavårdcentral) often within a main healthcare centre.

  8. PhD-specific links:

  9. Other useful links: