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André Larsson

PhD student in the group of Henrik Jönsson, Lund University
Computational Biology and Biological Physics


Plant development: stem cells and leaf initiation
My main project revolve around the radial patterning of the shoot apical meristem (SAM) in plants. The SAM is responsible for the growth of all above-ground organs of plants and is therefore central for plant development. Multicellular computer models are used together with experimental data to explain and obtain new insights and predictions in plant development. This is in collaboration with Marcus Heisler at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg.

Plant development: root hair formation
The plant root is crucial for nutrient uptake in plants. Root hairs can increase the rate of collecting water and minerals by increasing the surface area of the root system. The mechanism responsible for the formation of root hairs is investigated using reaction-diffusion models. This is a part of a larger project of Henrik Jönsson and Bettina Greese at Lund University.

Growth of bacterial colonies
Models of growing and dividing bacteria are used to explain why cells develop at different rates or in different directions in bacterial colonies. Bacteria excrete various signaling molecules which allows them to sense their surroundings or even talk to their neighbors. The effect of noise in form of either internal transcriptional variations of these molecules or external fluctuating environmental conditions such as varying number of neighbors are investigated as possible sources of heterogenity. This is a continuation of project involving Andre Levchenko at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.


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Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Lund University
Sölvegatan 14A
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And now for something completely different... some music projects:

Sandbox Boxers - Procrastination (with me on bass guitar)
Busy Badger (mostly electronic)