The DIPSY Monte Carlo


Welcome to DIPSY

DIPSY (Dipoles in Impact Parameter Space and Rapidity (Y)) is a Monte Carlo event generator for high energy particle physics, primarily developed for min. bias in pp collisions and heavy ion physics. The generator is developed in Lund, based on the ThePEG framework for MC event generators.
On this page we collect references, comparison plots, figures, presentations etc. that could be of interest in connection with the DIPSY generator.

Comparison plots

Here we show a number of figures comparing DIPSY predictions to data. The figures are created with the Rivet package for generator validation, and the analysis name refer to the corresponding Rivet analysis. It is possible to see performance of many other generators at the MCplots page. To do a direct comparison with other generators, you can download histogram files in the .yoda format.

Minimum bias comparison

A range of plots comparing the DIPSY program with experimental data for minimum bias and underlying events. Some of these were included in the paper axXiv:11mmnnnn and but most could not be included due to lack of space.


A range of plots comparing the DIPSY program with rope hadronisation with data and Pythia v. 8.14. Some were included in the paper arXiv:14xxxxx, but most could not be included either due to lack of space, or because the analysis itself were too preliminary.

Rope hadronization

DIPSY implements the rope hadronization model, as described in this paper . The model affects mainly the hadrochemistry of final states. This model is currently being implemented in the Pythia 8 event generator. The temporary implementation can be downloaded and run together with Pythia 8.226 as a plugin.


The DIPSY software is currently only available by request per email to the authors. Please refer to the short howto document for instructions for installation and running.


DIPSY has been developed through a number of publications, all shown here. To cite DIPSY results, please cite the individual articles appropriately.


E. Avsar, C. Bierlich, C. Flensburg, G. Gustafson, L. Lonnblad, A. Ster