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Office Mailing Address: Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Lund University
Sölvegatan 14A
S 223 62 Lund
Tel: ++46-46-2220447
Visiting Address: Office K240
Sölvegatan 14A
S 223 62 Lund
Map of Lund: The building just above the TF
in the center of the image
Map of Building: The Building marked K, x marks the entrances
Home : Address: Pistolvägen 5
S 226 49 Lund
Tel: ++46-46-2118261

If you can't reach me in my office or at home, here are a few other options how I might be reached.


My main interest is in theoretical hadronic and high-energy physics. This is the study of Quantum Chromo Dynamics at low energies and effects of the strong interaction in the study of rare decays, CP violation, mixings, determination of quark masses, etc. Hadronic physics thus straddles the boundary between nuclear and high-energy physics.



I supervise/have supervised several undergraduate and PhD theses. The names link to the thesis. My own PhD supervisor was Mark B. Wise at Caltech, who was a student of Fred Gilman, who was a student of Marvin Goldberger, who was a student of Enrico Fermi. Fermi was mainly self educated but one could take Paul Ehrenfest as his advisor who in turn was a student of Ludwig Boltzmann who was a student of Jozef Stefan.


Postdoc position: if we have one we normally announce it on our homepage and the SLAC SPIRES job list.

We often have opportunities for a Ph. D. student in theoretical hadronic and high energy physics.

For more information contact .


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Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
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