Courses: Subjects

This page will come to contain all the information and links for the various courses and subject for the HEP EST research school

The list of subjects planned for the first year and beyond (Swedish course credits (spring 2007), 1p = 1.5 ECTS credits):

The main methodology we will use is PBL: explanation and links for PBL.

Credits are given using both the ECTS and the Swedish system.

An example of a PBL cycle is described in Appendix 1 of our reseach school description.


Note that we will probably not stick to strictly one week per PBL cycle

(*) Preliminary

WeekTopic and/or courseTutor
w40 (2-6/10)Introduction to PhD studies J. Bijnens
w41 (9-13/10)Numerical Methods and ComputersL. Lönnblad
w42 (16-20/10)QFTJ. Bijnens
w43 (23-27/10)ATLAS: overview and why we do all thisO. Smirnova
w44 (30/10-3/11)CosmologyL. Lönnblad
w45 (6-10/11) QFTJ. Bijnens
w46 (13-17/11) NUML. Lönnblad
w47 (20-24/11) SEDO. Smirnova
w48 (27/11-1/12)EXPA. Oskarsson
w49 (4-8/12) QFTJ. Bijnens
w50 (11-15/12) NUML. Lönnblad
Spring 2007
w2 (8-12/1) EXPA. Oskarsson
w3 (15-19/1) QFTJ. Bijnens
w4 (22-26/1) SMEJ. Bijnens
w5 (29/1-2/2) SEDO. Smirnova/E. Stenlund
w6 (5-9/2) EXPA. Oskarsson
w7 (12-16/2) NUML. Lönnblad
w8 (19-23/2) EXPV. Hedberg
w9 (26/2-2/3) PEPP+Acad. Training CERN T. Sjöstrand
w10 (5-9/3)
w11 (12-16/3) free
w12 (19-23/3) EXPT. Åkesson
w13 (26-30/3) QFTJ. Bijnens
w14 (2-5/4) PEPPL. Lönnblad
w15 (10-13/4) NUML. Lönnblad
w16 (16-20/4) SEDO. Smirnova
w17 (23-27/4) QFT/NUM examJ. Bijnens/L. Lönnblad
w18 (30/4-4/5) PEPPL. Lönnblad
w19 (7-11/5) PEPPL. Lönnblad
w20 (14-18/5) LHC meeting
w21 (21-25/5) PEPPE. Stenlund
w22 (28/5-1/6) SMEJ. Bijnens
w23 (4-8/6) PEPPL. Lönnblad
w24 (11-15/6) SMEJ. Bijnens
Autumn 2007
w36 (3-7/9)SMEJ. Bijnens
w37 (10-14/9)PEPPL. Lönnblad
w38 Partikeldagarna
w39 (24-28/9)PEPPJ. Bijnens
w40 (1-5/10)SEDO. Smirnova
w41 (8-12/10)SMEJ. Bijnens
w42 (15-19/10)SEDO. Smirnova
w43 (22-26/10)PEPPP. Eerola
w44 (29/10-2/1)PEPPA. Oskarsson