L.H. Saal, C. Troein, J. Vallon-Christersson, S. Gruvberger, Å. Borg and C. Peterson
BioArray Software Environment: A Platform for Comprehensive Management
and Analysis of Microarray Data

Genome Biology 3, software0003.1-software0003.6 (2002)

The microarray technique requires the organization and analysis of vast amounts of data. These data include information about the samples hybridized, the hybridization images and their extracted data matrices, and information about the physical array, the features and reporter molecules. We present a web-based customizable bioinformatics solution called BioArray Software Environment (BASE) for the management and analysis of all areas of microarray experimentation. All software necessary to run a local server is available for free and the source code may be downloaded from http://base.thep.lu.se.

LU TP 02-11