Johan Ingvarsson, Christer Wingren, Anders Carlsson, Peter Ellmark, Britta Wahren, Gunnel Engström, Ulrika Harmenberg, Morten Krogh, Carsten Peterson and Carl Borrebaeck
Detection of pancreatic cancer using antibody microarray-based serum protein profiling
Proteomics 8, 2211-2219 (2008)

The driving force behind oncoproteomics is to identify protein signatures that are associated with a particular malignancy. Here, we have used a recombinant scFv antibody microarray in an attempt to classify sera derived from pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients vs. healthy subjects. Based on analysis of non-fractionated, directly labeled, whole human serum proteomes we have identified a protein signature based on 19 non-redundant analytes, that discriminates between cancer patients and healthy subjects. Furthermore, a potential protein signature, consisting of 21 protein analytes, could be defined that was shown to be associated with cancer patients having a life expectancy of <12 months. Taken together, the data suggest that antibody microarray analysis of complex proteomes will be a useful tool to define disease associated protein signatures

LU TP 07-44