Måns Flensburg, Anders Irbäck and Carsten Peterson
The effective string and SU(2) lattice MC data
Zeitschrift für Physik C36, 629–637 (1987)


We present high statistics MC calculations of the static potential in three-dimensional SU(2) for a wide range of β values on a 243 lattice. The deviations from area law are unambiguously demonstrated by use of 2nd lattice R derivative. After a clear crossover at β=4.5 the data show signs of an effective string roughening up to β=6.5, while scaling is not strictly obeyed in this interval. Pure fermionic strings do not provide better fits. The effect of regularization prescription on the effective string model up to two-loop correction is discussed and is found to be small. We also make a comparative study of existing data on Z(2) and SU(3) together with new data on four-dimensional SU(2) presented here. It is pointed out that standard variance reduction methods as applied especially to Wilson lines are plagued by severe long range auto-correlations, whereas larger Wilson loops are less affected.

LU TP 87-03