Martin Lagerholm, Carsten Peterson and Bo Söderberg
Statistical Properties of Unrestricted Crew Scheduling Problems

A statistical analysis is performed for a random unrestricted local crew scheduling problem, expressed in terms of pairing arrivals with departures. The analysis is aimed at understanding the structure of similar problems with global restrictions, and estimating their difficulty. The methods developed are of a general nature and can be of use in other problems with a similar structure. For large random problems, the ground-state energy scales like N1/2 and the average excitation like N, where N is the number of arrivals/departures. The average ground-state degeneracy is such that the probability of hitting an optimal pairing by chance scales like 2N2-N for large N. By insisting on the local ground-state energy for a restricted problem, airports can be split into smaller parts, and the state space reduced by typically a factor ~ 2Na, with Na the total number of airports.

LU TP 97-11