Research interests in brief

Electroweak Phenomenology (Standard Model and Beyond)

I have done some works on the phenomenology of multi Higgs models. I am interested in finding distinctive features in the LHC Higgs data, which can distinguish the SM Higgs from an SM-like Higgs arising from a more complicated scalar sector. I have also worked in the flavor-Higgs interface, namely, impact of charged scalars on different flavor observables and thereby constraining different BSM scenarios.

My current interests involve models of radiative neutrino mass and their impacts on lepton flavor violation. I am very interested in extending the simple Zee model with some additional symmetries that can produce predictive textures for the neutrino Majorana mass matrix and thus can provide correlated LFV signals. Apart from this, I would also like to work on the extensions of Scotogenic model that can provide a coherent connection between the neutrino and Dark Matter.

My Ph.D. thesis can be found here.

Complete list of my publications can be found at the inSPIRE database.