A responsive website created to provide some helpful links for new members of the department

Who are we?

We Smita Chakraborty, Andrew Lifson, Dr. Christian Reuschle and Harsh Shah are volunteers from PhDs and Postdocs from THEP department to help new memebers of our department for their relatively smooth start in Lund.
You can contact any of us at any stage of your pre or post arrival.
Here is the To-DO list containing important tasks to be done at the begining of your tenure.
We sub divided tasks into two groups:

Before arrival:

VISA and residence permit

If you are EU/EEA citizen then you may not require to apply for VISA to work and stay in Sweden.

If you are non-EU/EEA citizen then you must apply for visa for you and for your family members: At (Migration svenska) You can check requirements and procedure depending your country of origin.
The VISA application is easy and online visa application is advised.

Please Note:

Coordination number: (For students only) How are they useful and how to get it?(contact Eva along with Supervisor/Principal Instructor).


Obtaining a confirmation for long term accommodation from abroad is a bit difficult. Since, Lund is a student city there's always a shotage of sufficeint number of housing. Department may be able to assist you in finding accommodation. The housing market in Lund and Malmö is quite competitive, so it is advised you take the time to find a place to live.

In Sweden it is very common that you will have to make an application and then you will be placed on a waiting list or “housing queue”. Hence, please register yourself to appropriate agencies even before arrival in Sweden. It may be a good idea to make these applications when you arrive, even if you have found a temporary solution, in case you decide to move again at a later point.

The public transportation is reliable and near by city like Malmo is roughly 30-50 mins away depending on your location.

There are some websites where you contact the owner directly and you can get an apartment without waiting for long in queue, but usually they are short term contracts.

Insurance: You can find more details at International employees webpage.

After arrival:

  1. Swedish personal number: Skatteverket You also require to obtain *Swedish ID* and from the same page you find details of appointment booking too.
  2. Bank Account: Bank association. If you don't want to get much hassle in selecting bank, a personal suggestion is to try Handelsbanken. It has a better online banking portal in English.
  3. Other useful we-links: