Costanza - COnfocal STack ANalyZer Application

Authors: Michael Green, Pawel Krupinski, Pontus Melke, Patrik Sahlin, Henrik Jönsson
Computational Biology & Biological Physics, Lund University
History: 2008/01/28: beta version
2008/12/10: 1.0
2011/03/23: latest update
Source: Available upon request (henrik at
Installation: Download and extract to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new "Costanza" directory in the Plugins menu or submenu.

There is also a command line version (e.g. for batch jobs) costanza.jar. If executed by java -jar costanza.jar you will find out what files/parameters it requires.

Requires: ImageJ 1.38 or newer.
Description: Costanza is used to segment compartments (cells) in a stack and to extract quantitative data for the extracted compartments, including intensities from a second stack.

Open the Costanza plugin and the image/stack you want to segment. Chose parameters for the including processes, select input and output options and run the plugin. More information available in userguide.pdf.

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