BNF079, Systems Biology, 3p

NOTE! From 2007 this course does not longer exist, but is to be transformed into a new course within the second year of the new Master program in Bioinformatics.

This course is part of the Master's level course program in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology given at the Faculty of Medicine.

Course Description:The aim of the course is to describe characteristics of known biological networks, and examples of dynamical models, from small networks involving only a few proteins and genes, to large-scale intercellular networks.

Formal course plan

Course responsible person: Henrik Jönsson

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    Exam fall 2005.
    Exam fall 2004.
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    Course evaluation Fall 2005.
    Course evaluation Fall 2004.

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    Fall 2005

    Schedule fall 2005

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    Fall 2004

  • Course responsible person 2004: Patrik Edén

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