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Package Html Acrobat Postscript Other information
C++ coding style guide local pdf ps
The C/C++ documentation guidelines local pdf ps
CVS manual local pdf
Doxygen pdf
GSL Reference local pdf ps Articles at Network Theory
LaTeX: Att skriva rapporter
med LaTeX, Per Foreby
pdf ps booklet ps
Latex2html local ps
Subversion guidelines local pdf ps The Subversion book
yat library 0.20.x yat trac
trunk 0.19.x 0.18.x 0.17.x 0.16.x 0.15.x 0.14.x 0.13.x 0.12.x 0.11.x 0.10.x 0.9.x 0.8.x 0.7.x 0.6.x 0.5.x
how@thep (obsolete)

Use autotools for makefile generation. Links to autotools components
The Goat book GNU automake Autoconf Autoconf Macro Archive

We publish many of our software packages as open source packages. A legitimate question is then, Do we understand the licensing issues. Here is a few links that may help
GPL licenses Other open
source licenses
Understanding Open
Source Licensing

Information on how to write better software, papers and give impressive presentation (however, remember Jonas Hallberg Personlighet bättre än PowerPoint) can be found through this compilation of links:
Cathedral and
the Bazaar
Guide to grammar
and writing
Suggestions for
giving talks
Ten simple rules for
getting published

Choosing a password has never been easy. Reading Secure Passwords Keep You Safer will not make it easier but is worth reading before you try to be clever. More on security at

Other sites worth a visit.
Eric S. Raymond Welcome to Eric's world - don't like the gun part though.
David A. Wheeler Essays on computers, free software, GPL, and other geek related information.

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