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Contributors to GSL

(See the AUTHORS file in the distribution for up-to-date information.)

Mark Galassi
Conceived GSL (with James Theiler) and wrote the design document. Wrote the simulated annealing package and the relevant chapter in the manual.
James Theiler
Conceived GSL (with Mark Galassi). Wrote the random number generators and the relevant chapter in this manual.
Jim Davies
Wrote the statistical routines and the relevant chapter in this manual.
Brian Gough
FFTs, numerical integration, random number generators and distributions, root finding, minimization and fitting, polynomial solvers, complex numbers, physical constants, permutations, vector and matrix functions, histograms, statistics, ieee-utils, revised CBLAS Level 2 & 3, matrix decompositions, eigensystems, cumulative distribution functions, testing, documentation and releases.
Reid Priedhorsky
Wrote and documented the initial version of the root finding routines while at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group.
Gerard Jungman
Special Functions, Series acceleration, ODEs, BLAS, Linear Algebra, Eigensystems, Hankel Transforms.
Mike Booth
Wrote the Monte Carlo library.
Jorma Olavi Tähtinen
Wrote the initial complex arithmetic functions.
Thomas Walter
Wrote the initial heapsort routines and cholesky decomposition.
Fabrice Rossi
Multidimensional minimization.
Carlo Perassi
Implementation of the random number generators in Knuth's Seminumerical Algorithms, 3rd Ed.
Szymon Jaroszewicz
Wrote the routines for generating combinations.
Nicolas Darnis
Wrote the initial routines for canonical permutations.
Jason H. Stover
Wrote the major cumulative distribution functions.
Ivo Alxneit
Wrote the routines for wavelet transforms.
Tuomo Keskitalo
Improved the implementation of the ODE solvers.

Thanks to Nigel Lowry for help in proofreading the manual.