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Special Functions

This chapter describes the GSL special function library. The library includes routines for calculating the values of Airy functions, Bessel functions, Clausen functions, Coulomb wave functions, Coupling coefficients, the Dawson function, Debye functions, Dilogarithms, Elliptic integrals, Jacobi elliptic functions, Error functions, Exponential integrals, Fermi-Dirac functions, Gamma functions, Gegenbauer functions, Hypergeometric functions, Laguerre functions, Legendre functions and Spherical Harmonics, the Psi (Digamma) Function, Synchrotron functions, Transport functions, Trigonometric functions and Zeta functions. Each routine also computes an estimate of the numerical error in the calculated value of the function.

The functions in this chapter are declared in individual header files, such as gsl_sf_airy.h, gsl_sf_bessel.h, etc. The complete set of header files can be included using the file gsl_sf.h.