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PhD, Theoretical physics

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Employed at Inmeta in Oslo, Norway, as data scientist in the machine learning group.

Previous work


  • Karl Fogelmark, Michael A. Lomholt, Anders Irbäck and Tobias Ambjörnsson; Model parameter estimation in particle tracking (Submitted) 2016
  • R. Metzler, L.P. Sanders, M.A. Lomholt, L. Lizana, K. Fogelmark and T. Ambjörnsson; Ageing single file motion European Physical Journal 223, 3287-3293 (2014)

Doctoral Thesis (2016) "On gene regulatory networks and data fitting"

Master Thesis (2010) "Tracer Particle Dynamics in Heterogeneous Many-body Systems"

Bachelor Thesis (2009) "Beräkningar av övergångar i atomära system"


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