Ariadne version 4

A program for simulation of QCD cascades
implementing the colour dipole model

This is the official Home Page for the Ariadne program. Here you can always find the latest version of the program and up-to-date documentation in PostScript and PDF format.

Release 4.10 the Ariadne distribution also included version 1.0 of the LDCMC program for generating initial state parton chains according to the Linked Dipole Chain model. Here is a manual for the LDCMC program

To run Ariadne, you also need to install the Pythia/Jetset programs. In addition you may need to install the LEPTO program. You also might like to look at some sample programs to get started with running Ariadne.

This program is no longer being developed and supported. Several ideas behind the Ariadne program are now implemented in other dipole-based showers, such as the ones in Pythia8.

If results obtained by the Ariadne program is used in a publication, the reference should read something like:
L. Lönnblad, Ariadne version 4.12 program and manual, Comput.Phys.Commun. 71 (1992) 15.
If, in addition, the LDCMC program was used, the reference should read something like:
H. Kharraziha, L. Lönnblad, LDCMC version 1.0 program and manual, Comput.Phys.Commun. 123 (1999) 153.

Leif Lönnblad