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A Monte Carlo program to simulate complete events in deep inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering. The parton level interaction is based on the standard model electroweak cross sections, which are fully implemented in leading order for any lepton of arbitrary polarization, and different parametrizations of parton density functions can be used. First order QCD matrix elements for gluon radiation and boson-gluon fusion are implemented and higher order QCD radiation is treated using parton showers. Hadronization is performed using the Lund string model. Rapidity gap events are generated through a model based on soft colour interactions.
G.Ingelman, A. Edin and J. Rathsman , April 1996.
Computer Physics Communications 101 (1997) 108-134

Updates within the workshop on Monte Carlo Generators for HERA physics

Lepto is beeing updated as part of the workshop. Here we will present new versions of old routines which are under development and that will be included in the next version of Lepto. To use these new routines you simply replace the old version with the new one in your library or when you link the program.

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