Implementation of SCI and GAL models for colour reconnection in Pythia 6.4

David Eriksson, Johan Rathsman, Oscar Stål

Here we present an implementation of the Soft Colour Interactions (SCI) and Generalised Area Law (GAL) models for colour reconnection in the Monte Carlo Event Generator Pythia 6.4

Code for download pyfscr.f. The routine is meant to replace the corresponding routine in the standard Pythia 6.425 distribution. For SCI and GAL options see the header of the file.

Based on the findings in "Diffractive W production at hadron colliders as a test of colour singlet exchange mechanisms", Gunnar Ingelman, Roman Pasechnik, Johan Rathsman, Dominik Werder, arXiv:1210.5976, the baseline setting is the Perugia 0 tune combined with activation of the SCI or GAL models for reconnections.

If you use this code please reference the original articles

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