Computational Physics, FYTN03 - fall 2016








NEWS: Example solutions to first 2018 exam (updated version)

Introductory meeting and first lecture 13.15-15.00, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, in Lundmarkssalen, Astronomy. Welcome!

In contemporary physics computers play an integral part. In particular, numerical methods provide means for solving problems that are intractable by other methods (and often more interesting!).

In this course you will learn a number of different numerical techniques for solving physics problems in mechanics, statistical physics, electromagnetism, stochastic processes and quantum mechanics, which are used in current research.

The course is organized into a three modules. The examination is in the form of three project reports/presentations (one for each module) and a written examination.

Some basic knowledge of programming, for instance in Java, C++ or Matlab, is helpful. Here is a web-page with links to tutorials to get started with computers and numerical simulations.