Computational Physics, FYTN03








Lecture notes will be handed out at the lectures, and are also available in online in pdf-format (click on the links "Module A lecture notes" etc) online.

The main book complementing the lecture notes is: Basic Concepts in Computational Physics, 2nd ed. by B.A. Stickler and E. Schachinger (Springer). This book is available as e-book through Lund university libraries (click link above).

Alternative course book: Computational Physics, 2nd ed. by N.J. Giordano and H. Nakanishi, (Pearson Education). Note that there are a few misprints in this book, click here to see corrections.

Further reading: The Numerical Recipes book is a useful book for a more detailed discussion of the numerical methods: Numerical Recipes : The Art of Scientific Computing, 3rd ed. by W.H. Press, S.A. Teukolsky, W.T. Vetterling and B.P. Flannery, (Cambridge University Press). NOTE: The earlier editions of the Numerical Recipes books are available for free online.