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List of previous members in the Ambjörnsson group

Wensi Zhu
Master student, 2017-2018.
Thesis title: "Hierarchical clustering matrix (HCM) method applied to DNA barcode assembly for bacterial chromosomes".

Magnus Brander
Bsc student, 2018.
Thesis title: "On the development of an unsupervised probabilistic algorithm for grayscale fluorescence image segmentation".

Henrik Nordanger
Master student 2016, project worker during 2017
Thesis title: "Gene-ID using simulataneous DNA barcoding and enzymatic labeling".

Callum Stewart
Master student 2016-2017
Thesis title: "Methods for structural variation detection and improved theory prediction for densely labeled DNA barcodes".

Lisa Rämisch
Summer intern 2017. Worked on a method for fast particle trakcing.

Arthur Genthon
Exchange master student spring 2017.
From Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay.

Saair Quaderi
Visting researcher 2015-2017
Saair did his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in Computer Science, and was developing software for DNA barcode analysis.

Vibha Kumra
Bachelor student, autumn 2016
Bachelor thesis: "Modelling antibody orientation at bacterial surfaces", I was co-supervisor with Pontus Nordenfelt (Division of Infection Medicine, Lund University).

Hemant Kumar
Visting researcher 2016
Hemant is an undergraduate pursuing B. Tech. in Engineering Physics at Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and is visiting us during Aug. 2016 - Dec. 2016.

Johannes Isaksson
Bachelor student, spring 2016, summer intern 2016
Bachelor thesis: "Methods for finding structural variations in DNA barcodes"

Christoffer Pichler
Masters student 2015
During his masters project, Christoffer worked on, for instance, contig assembly using DNA barcodes. Christoffer completed his masters thesis Contig assembly and plasmid analysis using DNA barcodes in January 2016, and was until end of April employed as a researcher in my group.

Paola Torche
Bachelor student, spring 2015
Paola did her undergraduate studies in Barcelona. Paola completed her bachelor thesis: Noise filtering and deconvolution of nanochannel based DNA barcodes.

Michaela Schad
PhD studen, 2010-2015
Michaela did her undergraduate studies at Technical University Munich, Germany. Michaela joined our department in May 2010, and successfully defended here thesis Statistical Physics of DNA: melting and confinment effects in May 2015. Congratulations!
Top center person on photo.

Erik Lagerstedt
Bachelor student, spring 2011, and Masters student, spring 2014
Person sitting down on photo.
Bachelor thesis: Global disease transmission - what if SARS would have been more lethal?
Masters thesis: Nanochannel-based DNA barcoding for Plasmid Characterisation -- Theoretical Transfer Matrix Calculations, Bio-informatics Tools and Joint Theory-Experiments.

Susanna Hammarberg
Susanna got her M.Sc. spring 2014 at Lund University (Physics). Susanna is was employed during summer 2014 as a project worker with a focus on DNA barcode analysis.

Charleston Noble
Researcher 2013-2014
Charleston did his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University with a focus on bioinformatics. Charleston left us in August 2014 to pursue PhD studies at Harvard University (Systems Biology).

Lloyd Sanders
PhD student 2010-2014
Lloyd did his undergraduate studies at University of Auckland, New Zealand, and joined CBBP in Feb 2010. Lloyd got his PhD in February 2014, PhD thesis: Stochasticity in Biophysical Systems: Searching, Aging, and Spreading. Lloyd left us in March 2014 for a post-doc with Mark Tanaka at University of New South Wales, Australia.
Top right person on photo.

Adam Nilsson
Masters student 2013
Adam studied at Teknisk Fysik at Lund Technical University and did his masters at CBBP during the spring semester 2013. Masters thesis: Theoretical calculations for competitive binding of site-specific λ-mers Joint theory-experimental study of nanochannel-based optical DNA maps. Adam started PhD studies at Atomic Physics, Lund University, in January 2014.

Simon Pigeon
Post-doc 2012-2013
Simon did his PhD at Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7, France, and joined us in January 2012. Simon left in September 2013 us for a post-doc in the Quantum technology group at Queen's University, Belfast, UK.

Karl Fogelmark
MSc student and project worker, 2010-2011. Karl started PhD studies at CBBP (with Carl Troein) in 2011.
MSc thesis: Tracer particle dynamics in heterogeneous many-body systems

Lykke Pedersen
MSc student, Roskilde University, spring 2010 (I was co-supervisor)

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