PYTHIA  8.303
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Py8Particle Class Reference

also gives PseudoJet & JetDefinition More...

#include <FastJet3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Py8Particle (const Pythia8::Particle &particle)
virtual int index () const override
 Methods that can refer back to the event the particle belongs to. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Particle
 Particle ()
 Particle (int idIn, int statusIn=0, int mother1In=0, int mother2In=0, int daughter1In=0, int daughter2In=0, int colIn=0, int acolIn=0, double pxIn=0., double pyIn=0., double pzIn=0., double eIn=0., double mIn=0., double scaleIn=0., double polIn=9.)
 Particle (int idIn, int statusIn, int mother1In, int mother2In, int daughter1In, int daughter2In, int colIn, int acolIn, Vec4 pIn, double mIn=0., double scaleIn=0., double polIn=9.)
 Particle (const Particle &pt)
Particleoperator= (const Particle &pt)
virtual ~Particle ()
void setEvtPtr (Event *evtPtrIn)
 Member functions to set the Event and ParticleDataEntry pointers.
void setPDEPtr (ParticleDataEntry *pdePtrIn=0)
 Set pointer to the particle data species of the particle.
void id (int idIn)
 Member functions for input.
void status (int statusIn)
void statusPos ()
void statusNeg ()
void statusCode (int statusIn)
void mother1 (int mother1In)
void mother2 (int mother2In)
void mothers (int mother1In=0, int mother2In=0)
void daughter1 (int daughter1In)
void daughter2 (int daughter2In)
void daughters (int daughter1In=0, int daughter2In=0)
void col (int colIn)
void acol (int acolIn)
void cols (int colIn=0, int acolIn=0)
void p (Vec4 pIn)
void p (double pxIn, double pyIn, double pzIn, double eIn)
void px (double pxIn)
void py (double pyIn)
void pz (double pzIn)
void e (double eIn)
void m (double mIn)
void scale (double scaleIn)
void pol (double polIn)
void vProd (Vec4 vProdIn)
void vProd (double xProdIn, double yProdIn, double zProdIn, double tProdIn)
void xProd (double xProdIn)
void yProd (double yProdIn)
void zProd (double zProdIn)
void tProd (double tProdIn)
void vProdAdd (Vec4 vProdIn)
void tau (double tauIn)
int id () const
 Member functions for output.
int status () const
int mother1 () const
int mother2 () const
int daughter1 () const
int daughter2 () const
int col () const
int acol () const
Vec4 p () const
double px () const
double py () const
double pz () const
double e () const
double m () const
double scale () const
double pol () const
bool hasVertex () const
Vec4 vProd () const
double xProd () const
double yProd () const
double zProd () const
double tProd () const
double tau () const
int idAbs () const
 Member functions for output; derived int and bool quantities.
int statusAbs () const
bool isFinal () const
int intPol () const
 Find out if polarization is (close to) an integer.
bool isRescatteredIncoming () const
double m2 () const
 Member functions for output; derived double quantities.
double mCalc () const
double m2Calc () const
double eCalc () const
double pT () const
double pT2 () const
double mT () const
double mT2 () const
double pAbs () const
double pAbs2 () const
double eT () const
double eT2 () const
double theta () const
double phi () const
double thetaXZ () const
double pPos () const
double pNeg () const
double y () const
 Functions for rapidity and pseudorapidity.
double eta () const
double y (double mCut) const
 Rapidity with minimal transverse mass, and after rotation/boost.
double y (double mCut, RotBstMatrix &M) const
Vec4 vDec () const
double xDec () const
double yDec () const
double zDec () const
double tDec () const
int iTopCopy () const
 Trace the first and last copy of one and the same particle.
int iBotCopy () const
int iTopCopyId (bool simplify=false) const
int iBotCopyId (bool simplify=false) const
vector< int > motherList () const
 Find complete list of mothers. More...
vector< int > daughterList () const
 Find complete list of daughters. More...
vector< int > daughterListRecursive () const
vector< int > sisterList (bool traceTopBot=false) const
bool isAncestor (int iAncestor) const
int statusHepMC () const
 Convert internal Pythia status codes to the HepMC status conventions. More...
bool isFinalPartonLevel () const
 Check if particle belonged to the final state at the Parton Level.
bool undoDecay ()
string name () const
 Further output, based on a pointer to a ParticleDataEntry object.
string nameWithStatus (int maxLen=20) const
 Particle name, with status but imposed maximum length -> may truncate. More...
int spinType () const
int chargeType () const
double charge () const
bool isCharged () const
bool isNeutral () const
int colType () const
double m0 () const
double mWidth () const
double mMin () const
double mMax () const
double mSel () const
double constituentMass () const
double tau0 () const
bool mayDecay () const
bool canDecay () const
bool doExternalDecay () const
bool isResonance () const
bool isVisible () const
bool isLepton () const
bool isQuark () const
bool isGluon () const
bool isDiquark () const
bool isParton () const
bool isHadron () const
ParticleDataEntryparticleDataEntry () const
void rescale3 (double fac)
 Member functions that perform operations.
void rescale4 (double fac)
void rescale5 (double fac)
void rot (double thetaIn, double phiIn)
void bst (double betaX, double betaY, double betaZ)
void bst (double betaX, double betaY, double betaZ, double gamma)
void bst (const Vec4 &pBst)
void bst (const Vec4 &pBst, double mBst)
void bstback (const Vec4 &pBst)
void bstback (const Vec4 &pBst, double mBst)
void rotbst (const RotBstMatrix &M, bool boostVertex=true)
void offsetHistory (int minMother, int addMother, int minDaughter, int addDaughter)
 Add offsets to mother and daughter pointers (must be non-negative).
void offsetCol (int addCol)
 Add offsets to colour and anticolour (must be positive).

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Particle
int idSave
 Properties of the current particle.
int statusSave
int mother1Save
int mother2Save
int daughter1Save
int daughter2Save
int colSave
int acolSave
Vec4 pSave
double mSave
double scaleSave
double polSave
bool hasVertexSave
Vec4 vProdSave
double tauSave
 ! More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Particle
static const double TINY = 1e-20
 Constants: could only be changed in the code itself. More...

Detailed Description

also gives PseudoJet & JetDefinition

will allow a test for FJ3this is what we need from Pythia8 FASTJET_VERSION is only defined from version 3 onwards so we can use it to test that we have a sufficiently recent version place the code here inside the FJ namespace

A class derived from a pythia 8 particle and that also derives from PseudoJet::UserInfoBase, so that it can be used as UserInfo inside PseudoJets, but also be cast back to the Pythia8 particle

Member Function Documentation

virtual int index ( ) const

Methods that can refer back to the event the particle belongs to.

Method to find the index of the particle in the event record.

Reimplemented from Particle.

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