PYTHIA  8.303
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AlpgenPar Class Reference

#include <GeneratorInput.h>

Public Member Functions

 AlpgenPar ()
bool parse (const string paramStr)
 Parse as incoming ALPGEN parameter file (passed as string) More...
void extractRunParam (string line)
 Parse an incoming parameter line. More...
bool haveParam (const string &paramIn)
 Check if a parameter exists.
double getParam (const string &paramIn)
int getParamAsInt (const string &paramIn)
void printParams ()
 Print parameters read from the '.par' file. More...

Detailed Description

AlpgenPar: Class to parse ALPGEN parameter files and make them available through a simple interface

Member Function Documentation

void extractRunParam ( string  line)

Parse an incoming parameter line.

Extract information to the right of the final '!' character

Special case: 'hard process code' - single integer input

Special case: 'Crosssection +- error (pb)' - two double values

Special case: 'unwtd events, lum (pb-1)' - integer and double values

Special case: 'mc,mb,...' - split on ',' for name and ' ' for values

Simple tokeniser

Default case: assume integer and double on the left

double getParam ( const string &  paramIn)

Get a parameter as a double or integer. Caller should have already checked existance of the parameter.

bool parse ( const string  paramStr)

Parse as incoming ALPGEN parameter file (passed as string)

Warn if e/pT imbalance greater than these values Parse an incoming Alpgen parameter file string

Read par file in blocks: 0 - process information 1 - run parameters 2 - cross sections

Loop over incoming lines

Change to 'run parameters' block

End of 'run parameters' block

Do not extract anything from block 0 so far

Block 1 or 2: extract parameters

while (getline(paramStream, line))

void printParams ( )

Print parameters read from the '.par' file.

Loop over all stored parameters and print

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