PYTHIA  8.303
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CellJet Class Reference

#include <Analysis.h>

Public Member Functions

 CellJet (double etaMaxIn=5., int nEtaIn=50, int nPhiIn=32, int selectIn=2, int smearIn=0, double resolutionIn=0.5, double upperCutIn=2., double thresholdIn=0., Rndm *rndmPtrIn=0)
bool analyze (const Event &event, double eTjetMinIn=20., double coneRadiusIn=0.7, double eTseedIn=1.5)
 Analyze event. More...
int size () const
 Return info on results of analysis.
double eT (int i) const
double etaCenter (int i) const
double phiCenter (int i) const
double etaWeighted (int i) const
double phiWeighted (int i) const
int multiplicity (int i) const
Vec4 pMassless (int i) const
Vec4 pMassive (int i) const
double m (int i) const
void list () const
 Provide a listing of the info. More...
int nError () const
 Tell how many events could not be analyzed: so far never.

Detailed Description

CellJet class. This class performs a cone jet search in (eta, phi, E_T) space.

Member Function Documentation

bool analyze ( const Event event,
double  eTjetMinIn = 20.,
double  coneRadiusIn = 0.7,
double  eTseedIn = 1.5 

Analyze event.

Input values. Initial values zero.

Loop over desired particles in the event.

Find particle position in (eta, phi, pT) space.

Add pT to cell already hit or book a new cell.

Smear true bin content by calorimeter resolution.

Remove cells below threshold for seed or for use at all.

Find seed cell: the one with highest pT of not yet probed ones.

If too small cell eT then done, else start new trial jet.

Sum up unused cells within required distance of seed.

Reject cluster below minimum ET.

Else find new jet properties.

Bookkeep new jet, in decreasing ET order.


void list ( ) const

Provide a listing of the info.


The jets.

Listing finished.

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