PYTHIA  8.303
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ClusterJet Class Reference

#include <Analysis.h>

Public Member Functions

 ClusterJet (string measureIn="Lund", int selectIn=2, int massSetIn=2, bool preclusterIn=false, bool reassignIn=false)
bool analyze (const Event &event, double yScaleIn, double pTscaleIn, int nJetMinIn=1, int nJetMaxIn=0)
 Analyze event. More...
int size () const
 Return info on jets produced.
Vec4 p (int i) const
int mult (int i) const
int jetAssignment (int i) const
 Return belonging of particle to one of the jets (-1 if none).
void list () const
 Provide a listing of the info. More...
int distanceSize () const
 Return info on clustering values.
double distance (int i) const
int nError () const
 Tell how many events could not be analyzed.

Detailed Description

ClusterJet class. This class performs a jet clustering according to different distance measures: Lund, JADE or Durham.

Member Function Documentation

bool analyze ( const Event event,
double  yScaleIn,
double  pTscaleIn,
int  nJetMinIn = 1,
int  nJetMaxIn = 0 

Analyze event.

Input values. Initial values zero.

Loop over desired particles in the event.

Store them, possibly with modified mass => new energy.

Very low multiplicities not considered.

Squared maximum distance in GeV^2 for joining.

Do preclustering if desired and possible.

If no preclustering: each particle is a starting jet.

Begin iteration towards fewer jets.

Find the two closest jets.

Stop if no pair below cut and not more jets than allowed.

Stop if reached minimum allowed number of jets. Else continue.

Join two closest jets.

Save the last 5 distances.

Move up last jet to empty slot to shrink list.

Do reassignments of particles to nearest jet if desired.

Order jets in decreasing energy.


void list ( ) const

Provide a listing of the info.


The jets.

Listing finished.

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