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Dire Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Dire:
ShowerModel PhysicsBase

Public Member Functions

 Dire (MergingHooksPtr mergingHooksPtrIn, PartonVertexPtr partonVertexPtrIn)
void onBeginEvent () override
void onEndEvent (PhysicsBase::Status status) override
void createPointers ()
 The Dire wrapper class. More...
bool init (MergingPtr, MergingHooksPtr, PartonVertexPtr, WeightContainer *) override
bool initAfterBeams () override
 bool Dire::init(BeamParticle* beamA, BeamParticle* beamB) { More...
void initTune ()
void initShowersAndWeights ()
void setup (BeamParticle *beamA, BeamParticle *beamB)
void printBanner ()
TimeShowerPtr getTimeShower () const override
 Access the pointers to the different model components.
TimeShowerPtr getTimeDecShower () const override
SpaceShowerPtr getSpaceShower () const override
MergingHooksPtr getMergingHooks () const override
MergingPtr getMerging () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShowerModel
 ShowerModel ()=default
 Empty constructor.
virtual ~ShowerModel ()
 Empty virtual destructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from PhysicsBase
void initInfoPtr (Info &infoPtrIn)
 This function is called from above for physics objects used in a run. More...
virtual ~PhysicsBase ()
 Empty virtual destructor.
bool flag (string key) const
 Shorthand to read settings values.
int mode (string key) const
double parm (string key) const
string word (string key) const

Public Attributes

MergingHooksPtr pythiaMergingHooksPtr
PartonVertexPtr partonVertexPtr
shared_ptr< DireTimestimesPtr
shared_ptr< DireTimestimesDecPtr
shared_ptr< DireSpacespacePtr
DireInfo direInfo
shared_ptr< DireMergingmergingPtr
 Pointer to Dire merging objects.
shared_ptr< DireMergingHooksmergingHooksPtr
bool hasOwnWeights
bool hasOwnTimes
bool hasOwnTimesDec
bool hasOwnSpace
bool hasOwnSplittings
bool hasOwnHooks
bool hasUserHooks
bool hasOwnHardProcess
bool hasOwnMergingHooks
bool initNewSettings
bool isInit
bool isInitShower
bool printBannerSave

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PhysicsBase
enum  Status {
 Enumerate the different status codes the event generation can have.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PhysicsBase
 PhysicsBase ()
 Default constructor.
virtual void onInitInfoPtr ()
virtual void onStat ()
 This function is called from the Pythia::stat() call.
void registerSubObject (PhysicsBase &pb)
 Register a sub object that should have its information in sync with this.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ShowerModel
TimeShowerPtr timesPtr {}
 The object responsible for generating time-like showers.
TimeShowerPtr timesDecPtr {}
 The object responsible for generating time-like showers in decays.
SpaceShowerPtr spacePtr {}
 The object responsible for generating space-like showers.
MergingPtr mergingPtr {}
 The object responsible for merging with matrix elements.
MergingHooksPtr mergingHooksPtr {}
 The object responsible for user modifications to the merging.
- Protected Attributes inherited from PhysicsBase
InfoinfoPtr = {}
SettingssettingsPtr = {}
 Pointer to the settings database.
ParticleDataparticleDataPtr = {}
 Pointer to the particle data table.
HadronWidthshadronWidthsPtr = {}
 Pointer to the hadron widths data table.
RndmrndmPtr = {}
 Pointer to the random number generator.
CoupSMcoupSMPtr = {}
 Pointers to SM and SUSY couplings.
CoupSUSYcoupSUSYPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamPomAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamPomBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamGamAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamGamBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamVMDAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamVMDBPtr = {}
PartonSystemspartonSystemsPtr = {}
 Pointer to information on subcollision parton locations.
SigmaTotalsigmaTotPtr = {}
 Pointer to the total/elastic/diffractive cross sections.
set< PhysicsBase * > subObjects
UserHooksPtr userHooksPtr

Member Function Documentation

void createPointers ( )

The Dire wrapper class.

Construct showers.

bool init ( MergingPtr  ,
MergingHooksPtr  ,
PartonVertexPtr  ,

Initialization function called before beams are set up. Currently only to register objects as PhysicsBase (=initialize ptrs).

Implements ShowerModel.

bool initAfterBeams ( )

bool Dire::init(BeamParticle* beamA, BeamParticle* beamB) {

Initialization function called after beams are set up, used as main initialization.

Construct showers.

Initialize Dire tune settings.

No QED radiation by default until properly validated

Setup weight container (after user-defined enhance factors have been read)

Implements ShowerModel.

void initShowersAndWeights ( )

Construct showers.

void initTune ( )

Get tune id.

Default tune.

Preliminary Professor tune, dated 2017-10-10. To be used with: PDF:pSet = LHAPDF6:MMHT2014nlo68cl PDF:pHardSet = LHAPDF6:MMHT2014nlo68cl TimeShower:alphaSvalue = 0.1201 SpaceShower:alphaSvalue = 0.1201 ShowerPDF:usePDFalphas = on ShowerPDF:useSummedPDF = on DireSpace:forceMassiveMap = on ShowerPDF:usePDFmasses = off

Tuned hadronization from e+e- data

Tuned MPI and primordial kT to LHC data (UE in dijets + Drell-Yan pT).

For new U(1) splittings, teach Pythia new particles, if not already read from input file.

void onBeginEvent ( )

Flexible-use call at the beginning of each event in Currently not used, but should be used for clearing some internal bookkeeping that is otherewise reset in shower prepare functions.

Reimplemented from PhysicsBase.

void onEndEvent ( PhysicsBase::Status  status)

Flexible-use call at the end of each event in Currently only to accumulate shower weights.

No finalize in case of failure.

Update the event weight by the Dire shower weight when relevant. Retrieve the shower weight.

Multiply the shower weight to the event weight.

Reimplemented from PhysicsBase.

void setup ( BeamParticle beamA,
BeamParticle beamB 

Initialise library of splitting functions.

If Pythia has, for ominous reasons, not initialized the spacelike shower, retry to initialize from timelike shower beams.

Reinitialise showers to ensure that pointers are correctly set.

Reset Pythia masses if necessary.

Try to get masses from the hadron beams.

If there are no hadron beams, get the masses from either beam.

Switch off all showering and MPI when estimating the cross section,

Initialise splitting function library here so that beam pointers are already correctly initialised.

Feed the splitting functions to the showers.

Initialize splittings in showers again (!), now that splittings are properly set up.

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