PYTHIA  8.303
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DireInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void clearAll ()
void removeResPos (int iPos)
 Resonance info forwards.
void addResPos (int iPos)
bool isRes (int iPos)
void clearResPos ()
int sizeResPos () const
void listRes () const
int getResPos (unsigned int i) const
void updateResPos (int iPosOld, int iPosNew)
void updateResPosIfMatch (int iPosOld, int iPosNew)
void printMessages (int verbosity=0)
 Debug info forwards.
ostream & message (int verbosity=0)
void clearMessages ()
void fillHistograms (int type, int nfinal, double mec, double pT, double z)
void printHistograms ()
bool isSoft (int iPos)
 Soft particle info forwards.
void addSoftPos (int iPos)
void removeSoftPos (int iPos)
vector< int > softPos ()
void clearSoftPos ()
int sizeSoftPos () const
void listSoft () const
int getSoftPos (unsigned int i) const
void updateSoftPos (int iPosOld, int iPosNew)
void updateSoftPosIfMatch (int iPosOld, int iPosNew)

Public Attributes

DireEventInfo direEventInfo
DireDebugInfo direDebugInfo

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