PYTHIA  8.303
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DireSingleColChain Class Reference

Definition of color chains. More...

#include <DireSplitInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

 DireSingleColChain (const DireSingleColChain &chainIn)
DireSingleColChainoperator= (const DireSingleColChain &c)
 DireSingleColChain (int iPos, const Event &state, PartonSystems *partonSysPtr)
 Definition of color chain members. More...
void addToChain (const int iPos, const Event &state)
int iPosEnd ()
int colEnd ()
int acolEnd ()
int size () const
bool isInChain (int iPos)
int posInChain (int iPos)
bool colInChain (int col)
DireSingleColChain chainFromCol (int iPos, int col, int nSteps, const Event &state)
string listPos () const
void print () const
 List functions by N. Fischer. More...
void list () const
 List functions by N. Fischer.
string list2 () const
 List functions by N. Fischer.
void clear ()
pair< int, pair< int, int > > & operator[] (int i)
 Overload index operator to access element of event record.
const pair< int, pair< int, int > > & operator[] (int i) const

Public Attributes

vector< pair< int, pair< int, int > > > chain
vector< pair< int, pair< int, int > > > original_chain

Detailed Description

Definition of color chains.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DireSingleColChain ( int  iPos,
const Event state,
PartonSystems partonSysPtr 

Definition of color chain members.

Found next color index in evolving system.

Try to use find next color index in system of mother (if different), and then exit.

Try to find incoming particle in other systems, i.e. if the current system arose from a resonance decay.

Member Function Documentation

DireSingleColChain chainFromCol ( int  iPos,
int  col,
int  nSteps,
const Event state 

For gluon, just match both colors.

Loop through, find color and attach subsequent particles to chain.


void print ( ) const

List functions by N. Fischer.

first line: positions

second line: color-anticolor connections (horizontal)

third line: color-anticolor connections (vertical)

fourth line: colors and anticolors

fifth line: color-anticolor connections (vertical & horizontal)

sixth line: if first gluon is connected to last gluon

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