PYTHIA  8.303
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DireTimesEnd Class Reference

Data on radiating dipole ends; only used inside DireTimes class. More...

#include <DireTimes.h>

Public Member Functions

 DireTimesEnd ()
 DireTimesEnd (int iRadiatorIn, int iRecoilerIn, double pTmaxIn=0., int colIn=0, int chgIn=0, int gamIn=0, int weakTypeIn=0, int isrIn=0, int systemIn=0, int MEtypeIn=0, int iMEpartnerIn=-1, int weakPolIn=0, bool isOctetOniumIn=false, DireSingleColChain iSiblingsIn=DireSingleColChain(), bool isHiddenValleyIn=false, int colvTypeIn=0, double MEmixIn=0., bool MEorderIn=true, bool MEsplitIn=true, bool MEgluinoRecIn=false, bool isFlexibleIn=false, int idRadAftIn=0, int idEmtAftIn=0, vector< int > iSpectatorIn=vector< int >(), vector< double > massIn=vector< double >(), vector< int > allowedIn=vector< int >())
 DireTimesEnd (const DireTimesEnd &dip)
DireTimesEndoperator= (const DireTimesEnd &t)
void appendAllowedEmt (int id)
void removeAllowedEmt (int id)
void clearAllowedEmt ()
bool canEmit ()
void init (const Event &state)
void list () const
void setSiblings (DireSingleColChain s)
void clearSiblings ()

Public Attributes

int iRadiator
 Basic properties related to dipole and matrix element corrections.
int iRecoiler
double pTmax
int colType
int chgType
int gamType
int weakType
int isrType
int system
int systemRec
int MEtype
int iMEpartner
int weakPol
bool isOctetOnium
bool isHiddenValley
int colvType
double MEmix
bool MEorder
bool MEsplit
bool MEgluinoRec
bool isFlexible
int flavour
 Properties specific to current trial emission.
int iAunt
double mRad
double m2Rad
double mRec
double m2Rec
double mDip
double m2Dip
double m2DipCorr
double pT2
double m2
double z
double mFlavour
double asymPol
double flexFactor
double phi
double pT2start
double pT2stop
double pT2Old
double sa1
 Properties of 1->3 splitting.
double xa
double phia1
vector< double > mass
 Stored masses.
int idRadAft
int idEmtAft
vector< int > iSpectator
 Extended list of recoilers.
vector< int > allowedEmissions
DireSingleColChain iSiblings


bool operator== (const DireTimesEnd &dip1, const DireTimesEnd &dip2)
 The DireTimesEnd class.

Detailed Description

Data on radiating dipole ends; only used inside DireTimes class.

Member Function Documentation

void appendAllowedEmt ( int  id)

List of allowed emissions (to avoid double-counting, since one particle can be part of many different dipoles.

void list ( ) const



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