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Dire_fsr_qed_Q2AQ Class Reference
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DireSplittingQED DireSplittingQCD DireSplitting

Public Member Functions

 Dire_fsr_qed_Q2AQ (string idIn, int softRS, Settings *settings, ParticleData *particleData, Rndm *rndm, BeamParticle *beamA, BeamParticle *beamB, CoupSM *coupSM, Info *info, DireInfo *direInfo)
bool canRadiate (const Event &, pair< int, int >, unordered_map< string, bool >=unordered_map< string, bool >(), Settings *=NULL, PartonSystems *=NULL, BeamParticle *=NULL)
 Class inheriting from SplittingQED class. More...
bool canRadiate (const Event &, int iRadBef, int iRecBef, Settings *=NULL, PartonSystems *=NULL, BeamParticle *=NULL)
int kinMap ()
int motherID (int idDaughter)
 Return id of mother after splitting.
vector< pair< int, int > > radAndEmtCols (int iRad, int, Event state)
int sisterID (int idDaughter)
 Return id of emission.
int radBefID (int idRadAfter, int idEmtAfter)
 Return id of recombined radiator (before splitting!)
pair< int, int > radBefCols (int colRadAfter, int acolRadAfter, int colEmtAfter, int acolEmtAfter)
 Return colours of recombined radiator (before splitting!)
double gaugeFactor (int=0, int=0)
 Return color factor for splitting. More...
double symmetryFactor (int=0, int=0)
 Return symmetry factor for splitting.
vector< int > recPositions (const Event &state, int iRad, int iEmt)
double zSplit (double zMinAbs, double zMaxAbs, double m2dip)
 Pick z for new splitting.
double overestimateInt (double zMinAbs, double zMaxAbs, double pT2Old, double m2dip, int order=-1)
 New overestimates, z-integrated versions. More...
double overestimateDiff (double z, double m2dip, int order=-1)
 Return kernel for new splitting. More...
bool calc (const Event &state=Event(), int order=-1)
 Functions to calculate the kernel from SplitInfo information. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DireSplittingQED
 DireSplittingQED (string idIn, int softRS, Settings *settings, ParticleData *particleData, Rndm *rndm, BeamParticle *beamA, BeamParticle *beamB, CoupSM *coupSM, Info *info, DireInfo *direInfo)
 Constructor and destructor.
void init ()
 The SplittingQED class. More...
double aem2Pi (double pT2, int=0)
bool useFastFunctions ()
virtual vector< int > radAndEmt (int idDaughter, int)
virtual int nEmissions ()
virtual bool isPartial ()
virtual int couplingType (int, int)
virtual double coupling (double=0., double=0., double=0., double=-1, pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >(), pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >())
virtual double couplingScale2 (double=0., double=0., double=0., pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >(), pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >())
virtual bool aboveCutoff (double t, const Particle &radBef, const Particle &recBef, int iSys, PartonSystems *partonSystemsPtr)
 Discard below the cut-off for the splitting.
- Public Member Functions inherited from DireSplittingQCD
 DireSplittingQCD (string idIn, int softRS, Settings *settings, ParticleData *particleData, Rndm *rndm, BeamParticle *beamA, BeamParticle *beamB, CoupSM *coupSM, Info *info, DireInfo *direInfo)
 Constructor and destructor.
void init ()
double getNF (double pT2)
double GammaQCD2 (double NF=5.)
double GammaQCD3 (double NF=5.)
double betaQCD0 (double NF=5.)
double betaQCD1 (double NF=5.)
double betaQCD2 (double NF=5.)
double as2Pi (double pT2, int orderNow=-1, double renormMultFacNow=-1.)
double softRescaleInt (int order)
double softRescaleDiff (int order, double pT2, double renormMultFacNow=-1.)
double beta0Endpoint (int order, double m2dip, double pT2, double z, double renormMultFacNow=-1.)
double polevl (double x, double *coef, int N)
 Helper function to calculate dilogarithm.
double DiLog (double x)
 Function to calculate dilogarithm.
vector< int > sharedColor (const Event &event, int iRad, int iRec)
bool hasSharedColor (const Event &event, int iRad, int iRec)
int findCol (int col, vector< int > iExc, const Event &, int type)
virtual double getJacobian (const Event &=Event(), PartonSystems *partonSystems=0)
virtual unordered_map< string, double > getPhasespaceVars (const Event &=Event(), PartonSystems *=0)
double sCoef (int powz)
double sExp (int powz)
double kCoef (int powz)
double kExp (int powz)
double cCoef (int powz)
double cExp (int powz)
double fCoef ()
bool hasMECBef (const Event &state, double pT2)
bool hasMECAft (const Event &state, double pT2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DireSplitting
 DireSplitting ()
 Constructor and destructor.
 DireSplitting (string idIn, int softRS, Settings *settings, ParticleData *particleData, Rndm *rndm, BeamParticle *beamA, BeamParticle *beamB, CoupSM *coupSMPtrIn, Info *infoPtrIn, DireInfo *direInfo)
void init ()
 The Splitting class.
bool is (ulong pattern)
string name ()
virtual bool canUseForBranching ()
virtual bool swapRadEmt ()
virtual bool isSymmetric (const Particle *=NULL, const Particle *=NULL)
virtual double getKernel (string="")
 Functions to store and retrieve all the variants of the kernel.
virtual unordered_map< string, double > getKernelVals ()
virtual void clearKernels ()
void setTimesPtr (shared_ptr< DireTimes > fsrIn)
void setTimesDecPtr (shared_ptr< DireTimes > fsrIn)
void setSpacePtr (shared_ptr< DireSpace > isrIn)
virtual bool allow_z_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
 Treatment of additional virtual corrections.
virtual bool allow_pT2_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual bool allow_sai_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual bool allow_xa_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual void try_z_endpoint ()
 Functions to set if kernel should contribute to a kinematical endpoint.
virtual void try_pT2_endpoint ()
virtual void try_sai_endpoint ()
virtual void try_xa_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_z_endpoint ()
 Return endpoint information.
virtual bool is_pT2_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_sai_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_xa_endpoint ()
virtual double tdire_ff (double, double t, double)
 Functions to calculate Dire variables from the evolution variables.
virtual double zdire_ff (double z, double, double)
virtual double tdire_fi (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_fi (double z, double, double)
virtual double tdire_if (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_if (double z, double, double)
virtual double tdire_ii (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_ii (double z, double, double)
virtual void storeOverhead (double pT2, double x, int radid, int nf, double val)
virtual double overhead (double pT2, int idd, int nf)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DireSplittingQED
double sumCharge2Tot
double sumCharge2L
double sumCharge2Q
double aem0
double enhance
double pT2min
double pT2minL
double pT2minQ
double pT2minForcePos
bool doQEDshowerByQ
bool doQEDshowerByL
bool doForcePos
AlphaEM alphaEM
- Public Attributes inherited from DireSplittingQCD
double CA
double TR
double CF
double pTmin
double pT2minVariations
int NF_qcd_fsr
int orderSave
bool usePDFalphas
bool doVariations
bool doCorrelations
bool doMECs
double alphaSorder
double alphaS2pi
AlphaStrong alphaS
int asSchemeISR
int asSchemeFSR
bool useBackboneGluons
bool doGeneralizedKernel
- Public Attributes inherited from DireSplitting
double renormMultFac
string id
int correctionOrder
bool is_qcd
 Some short-cuts and string hashes to help avoid string comparisons.
bool is_qed
bool is_ewk
bool is_fsr
bool is_isr
bool is_dire
ulong nameHash
unordered_map< string, double > kernelVals
DireSplitInfo splitInfo
shared_ptr< DireSpaceisr
shared_ptr< DireTimesfsr
shared_ptr< DireTimesfsrDec
multimap< double, OverheadInfooverhead_map
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DireSplittingQCD
static const double SMALL_TEVOL = 2.0
 The SplittingQCD class.

Member Function Documentation

bool calc ( const Event state = Event(),
int  order = -1 

Functions to calculate the kernel from SplitInfo information.

Return kernel for new splitting.

Dummy statement to avoid compiler warnings.

Read all splitting variables.

Calculate kernel. Note: We are calculating the z <–> 1-z symmetrised kernel here, and later multiply with 1-z to project out Q->GQ, i.e. the quark is soft and the gluon is identified.

Correction for massive splittings.

Add collinear term for massless splittings.

Add collinear term for massive splittings.

splitType == 2 -> Massive FF

Calculate CS variables.

splitType ==-2 -> Massive FI

Calculate CS variables.

Add B1 for massive splittings.

Now multiply with (1-z) to project out Q->GQ, i.e. the quark is soft and the gluon is identified.

Trivial map of values, since kernel does not depend on coupling.

Create muR-variations.

Store kernel values.

Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

bool canRadiate ( const Event state,
pair< int, int >  ints,
unordered_map< string, bool >  bools = unordered_map<string,bool>(),
Settings = NULL,
PartonSystems = NULL,
BeamParticle = NULL 

Class inheriting from SplittingQED class.

SplittingQED function Q->GQ (FSR) At leading order, this can be combined with Q->QG because of symmetry. Since this is no longer possible at NLO, we keep the kernels separately. Return true if this kernel should partake in the evolution.

Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

double gaugeFactor ( int  = 0,
int  = 0 

Return color factor for splitting.

Set probability to zero.

Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

int kinMap ( )

Function to return an identifier for the phase space mapping that is used for setting up this splitting. return values: 1 –> Default Dire mapping. 2 –> Dire 1->3 mapping.

Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

double overestimateDiff ( double  z,
double  m2dip,
int  order = -1 

Return kernel for new splitting.

Return overestimate for new splitting.

Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

double overestimateInt ( double  zMinAbs,
double  zMaxAbs,
double  pT2Old,
double  m2dip,
int  order = -1 

New overestimates, z-integrated versions.

Q -> QG, soft part (currently also used for collinear part).

Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

vector< int > recPositions ( const Event ,
int  ,

Return a vector of all possible recoiler positions, given the positions of the radiator and emission after the splitting.

Particles to exclude as recoilers.

Find charged particles.


Reimplemented from DireSplitting.

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