PYTHIA  8.303
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FlavContainer Class Reference

#include <FragmentationFlavZpT.h>

Public Member Functions

 FlavContainer (int idIn=0, int rankIn=0, int nPopIn=0, int idPopIn=0, int idVtxIn=0)
 FlavContainer (const FlavContainer &flav)
 Copy constructor.
FlavContaineroperator= (const FlavContainer &flav)
 Overloaded equal operator.
FlavContaineranti ()
 Invert flavour.
FlavContainercopy (const FlavContainer &flav)
 Read in a container into another, without/with id sign flip.
FlavContaineranti (const FlavContainer &flav)
bool isDiquark ()
 Check whether is diquark.

Public Attributes

int id
 Stored properties.
int rank
int nPop
int idPop
int idVtx

Detailed Description

The FlavContainer class is a simple container for flavour, including the extra properties needed for popcorn baryon handling. id = current flavour. rank = current rank; 0 for endpoint flavour and then increase by 1. nPop = number of popcorn mesons yet to be produced (1 or 0). idPop = (absolute sign of) popcorn quark, shared between B and Bbar. idVtx = (absolute sign of) vertex (= non-shared) quark in diquark.

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