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GLISSANDOModel Class Reference

#include <HIUserHooks.h>

Inheritance diagram for GLISSANDOModel:
WoodsSaxonModel NucleusModel

Public Member Functions

 Default constructor.
virtual ~GLISSANDOModel ()
 Virtual destructor.
bool init ()
 Initialize. More...
virtual vector< Nucleongenerate () const
 Place a nucleon inside a nucleus. More...
double Rh () const
 Accessor functions.
double RhGauss () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WoodsSaxonModel
 WoodsSaxonModel ()
double a () const
 Accessor functions:
- Public Member Functions inherited from NucleusModel
 NucleusModel ()
virtual ~NucleusModel ()
 Virtual destructor.
void initPtr (int idIn, Settings &settingsIn, ParticleData &particleDataIn, Rndm &rndIn)
 Init method. More...
virtual Particle produceIon (bool istarg)
int id () const
 Accessor functions.
int I () const
int A () const
int Z () const
int L () const
double R () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from WoodsSaxonModel
Vec4 generateNucleon () const
 Place a nucleon inside a nucleus. More...
virtual ~WoodsSaxonModel ()
 Virtual destructor.
- Protected Attributes inherited from WoodsSaxonModel
double aSave
- Protected Attributes inherited from NucleusModel
int idSave
 The nucleus.
int ISave
 Cache information about the nucleus.
int ASave
int ZSave
int LSave
double RSave
 The estimate of the nucleus radius.
 Pointers to useful objects.

Detailed Description

The GLISSANDOModel has a specific parameteraization of a Wood-Saxon potential for A>16 and is described in asXiv:1310.5475 [nucl-th].

Member Function Documentation

vector< Nucleon > generate ( ) const

Place a nucleon inside a nucleus.

Generate a vector of nucleons according to the implemented model for a nucleus given by the PDG number.

Implements NucleusModel.

bool init ( )


Initialize parameters.

GLISSANDOModel is a subclass of NucleusModel and implements a general Wood-Saxon distributed nucleus with hard cores and specialy fitted parameters.

Reimplemented from WoodsSaxonModel.

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