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GammaMatrix Class Reference

#include <HelicityBasics.h>

Public Member Functions

 GammaMatrix ()
 Constructors and destructor.
 GammaMatrix (int mu)
complexoperator() (int I, int J)
 Access an element of the matrix.
GammaMatrix operator* (complex s)
 GammaMatrix * Scalar.
GammaMatrix operator- (complex s)
 Gamma5 - I * Scalar.
GammaMatrix operator+ (complex s)
 Gamma5 + I * Scalar.

Protected Attributes

complex val [4]
int index [4]
 Need to define complex 0 as a variable for operator() to work.


Wave4 operator* (Wave4 w, GammaMatrix g)
 Wave4 * GammaMatrix. More...
GammaMatrix operator* (complex s, GammaMatrix g)
 Scalar * GammaMatrix.
GammaMatrix operator- (complex s, GammaMatrix g)
 I * Scalar - Gamma5.
GammaMatrix operator+ (complex s, GammaMatrix g)
 I * Scalar + Gamma5.
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, GammaMatrix g)
 << GammaMatrix.

Detailed Description

The GammaMatrix class is a special sparse matrix class used to write helicity matrix elements in conjuction with the Wave4 class. Note that only left to right multplication of Wave4 vectors with the GammaMatrix class is allowed. Additionally, subtracting a scalar from a GammaMatrix (or subtracting a GammaMatrix from a scalar) subtracts the scalar from each non-zero element of the GammaMatrix. This is designed specifically with the (1 - gamma^5) structure of matrix elements in mind.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GammaMatrix ( int  mu)

Constructor for the GammaMatrix class. Gamma(1) through Gamma(3) give the corresponding gamma matrices using the Weyl basis as outlined in the HELAS paper. Gamma(4) gives the +— metric, while Gamma(5) gives the gamma^5 matrix.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Wave4 operator* ( Wave4  w,
GammaMatrix  g 

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