PYTHIA  8.303
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HIUserHooks Class Reference

#include <HIUserHooks.h>

Public Member Functions

 HIUserHooks ()
 The default constructor is empty.
virtual ~HIUserHooks ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void init (int idProjIn, int idTargIn)
 Initialize this user hook.
virtual bool hasImpactParameterGenerator () const
 A user-supplied impact parameter generator.
virtual ImpactParameterGeneratorimpactParameterGenerator () const
virtual bool hasProjectileModel () const
 A suser-supplied NucleusModel for the projectile and target.
virtual NucleusModelprojectileModel () const
virtual bool hasTargetModel () const
virtual NucleusModeltargetModel () const
virtual bool hasSubCollisionModel ()
virtual SubCollisionModelsubCollisionModel ()
virtual bool hasEventOrdering () const
 A user-supplied ordering of events in (inverse) hardness.
virtual double eventOrdering (const Event &, const Info &)
virtual bool canFixIsoSpin () const
virtual bool fixIsoSpin (EventInfo &)
virtual bool canShiftEvent () const
 A user-supplied method for shifting the event in impact parameter space.
virtual EventInfoshiftEvent (EventInfo &ei) const
bool canAddNucleonExcitation () const
bool addNucleonExcitation (EventInfo &, EventInfo &, bool) const
virtual bool canForceHadronLevel () const
 A user supplied wrapper around the Pythia::forceHadronLevel()
virtual bool forceHadronLevel (Pythia &)
virtual bool canFindRecoilers () const
virtual vector< int > findRecoilers (const Event &, bool, int, int, const Vec4 &, const Vec4 &) const

Protected Attributes

int idProjSave
int idTargSave

Detailed Description

This is the heavy ion user hooks class which in the future may be used inside a Pythia object to generate heavy ion collisons. For now it is used outside Pythia and requires access to a number of Pythia objects.

Member Function Documentation

bool canAddNucleonExcitation ( ) const

A user-supplied method of adding a diffractive excitation event to another event, optionally connecting their colours.

virtual bool canFindRecoilers ( ) const

A user-supplied way of finding the remnants of an non-diffrcative pp collision (on the target side if tside is true) to be used to give momentum when adding.

virtual bool canFixIsoSpin ( ) const

A user-supplied method for fixing up proton-neutron mismatch in generated beams.

virtual bool hasSubCollisionModel ( )

A user-supplied SubCollisionModel for generating nucleon-nucleon subcollisions.

Member Data Documentation

int idProjSave

Information set in the init() function. The PDG id of the projectile and target nuclei.

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