PYTHIA  8.303
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ImpactParameterGenerator Class Reference

#include <HIUserHooks.h>

Public Member Functions

 ImpactParameterGenerator ()
virtual ~ImpactParameterGenerator ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual bool init ()
 Virtual init method. More...
void initPtr (SubCollisionModel &collIn, NucleusModel &projIn, NucleusModel &targIn, Settings &settingsIn, Rndm &rndIn)
 ImpactParameterGenerator samples the impact parameter space. More...
virtual Vec4 generate (double &weight) const
 Generate an impact parameter according to a gaussian distribution. More...
void width (double widthIn)
 Set the width (in femtometers).
double width () const
 Get the width.

Protected Attributes

 Info from the controlling HeavyIons object.

Detailed Description

ImpactParameterGenerator is able to generate a specific impact parameter together with a weight such that aweighted average over any quantity X(b) corresponds to the infinite integral over d^2b X(b). This base class gives a Gaussian profile, d^2b exp(-b^2/2w^2).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The default constructor takes a gneral width (in femtometers) as argument.

Member Function Documentation

Vec4 generate ( double &  weight) const

Generate an impact parameter according to a gaussian distribution.

Return a new impact parameter and set the corresponding weight provided.

bool init ( )

Virtual init method.

Initialise base class, bay be overridden by subclasses.

void initPtr ( SubCollisionModel collIn,
NucleusModel projIn,
NucleusModel targIn,
Settings settingsIn,
Rndm rndIn 

ImpactParameterGenerator samples the impact parameter space.

Initialise base class, passing pointers to important objects.

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