PYTHIA  8.303
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Junction Class Reference

#include <Event.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Junction ()
 Junction (int kindIn, int col0In, int col1In, int col2In)
 Junction (const Junction &ju)
Junctionoperator= (const Junction &ju)
void remains (bool remainsIn)
 Set values.
void col (int j, int colIn)
void cols (int j, int colIn, int endColIn)
void endCol (int j, int endColIn)
void status (int j, int statusIn)
bool remains () const
 Read out value.
int kind () const
int col (int j) const
int endCol (int j) const
int status (int j) const

Detailed Description

The junction class stores what kind of junction it is, the colour indices of the legs at the junction and as far out as legs have been traced, and the status codes assigned for fragmentation of each leg.

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