PYTHIA  8.303
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LHblock< T > Class Template Reference

************************* SLHA AUX CLASSES *****************************/// More...

#include <SusyLesHouches.h>

Public Member Functions

 LHblock ()
bool exists ()
 Does block exist?
void clear ()
 Clear block.
int set (int iIn, T valIn)
int set (istringstream &linestream, bool indexed=true)
 Read index and value from SLHA data line.
int set (int iIn, istringstream &linestream)
 With i already given, read value from remaining SLHA data line.
void set (T valIn)
 Shorthand for entry[0]. Used e.g. for block ALPHA.
bool exists (int iIn)
 Does entry i already exist in this block?
operator() ()
 Indexing with (). Output only.
operator() (int iIn)
int size ()
 Size of map.
int first ()
 First and next key code.
int next ()
void list ()
 Simple print utility.
void setq (double qIn)
 Special for DRbar running blocks.
double q ()

Protected Attributes

map< int, T > entry

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class Pythia8::LHblock< T >

************************* SLHA AUX CLASSES *****************************///

class LHblock: the generic SLHA block (see below for matrices) Explicit typing required, e.g. block<double> minpar;

Member Function Documentation

int set ( int  iIn,

set: set block entry values. Possible return values from set: 0: normal return. Entry did not previously exist and has been created. 1: normal return. Entry did previously exist and has been overwritten. -1: failure.

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