PYTHIA  8.303
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LHdecayTable Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 LHdecayTable (int idIn)
 LHdecayTable (int idIn, double widthIn)
int getId ()
 Functions to get PDG code (id) and width.
double getWidth ()
void setId (int idIn)
 Functions to set PDG code (id) and width.
void setWidth (double widthIn)
void reset (double widthIn=0.0)
 Function to reset size and width (width -> 0 by default)
void addChannel (LHdecayChannel channelIn)
 Function to add another decay channel.
void addChannel (double bratIn, int nDaIn, vector< int > idDaIn, string cIn="")
int size ()
 Function to return number of decay channels.
double getBrat (int iChannel)
 Function to return a branching ratio.
vector< int > getIdDa (int iChannel)
 Function to return daughter PDG codes.
LHdecayChannel getChannel (int iChannel)
 Function to return a decay channel.

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