PYTHIA  8.303
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LHmatrixBlock< size > Class Template Reference

#include <SusyLesHouches.h>

Public Member Functions

 LHmatrixBlock ()
 Constructor. Set uninitialized and explicitly zero.
 LHmatrixBlock (const LHmatrixBlock &m)
 Copy constructor.
LHmatrixBlockoperator= (const LHmatrixBlock &m)
bool exists ()
 Does this matrix contain any entries?
void clear ()
 Clear initialized flag.
int set (int iIn, int jIn, double valIn)
 Set matrix entry.
int set (istringstream &linestream)
 Set entry from linestream (used during file read)
double operator() (int iIn, int jIn) const
 () Overloading: Get entry
void setq (double qIn)
 Set and get scale for DRbar running LHblocks.
double q ()
void list ()
 Simple print utility, to be elaborated on.

Detailed Description

template<int size>
class Pythia8::LHmatrixBlock< size >

class LHmatrixBlock: the generic SLHA matrix Explicit sizing required, e.g.LHmatrixBlock<4> nmix; Note, indexing from 1 is intentional, zeroth column/row not used.

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