PYTHIA  8.303
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Nucleon Class Reference

#include <HIUserHooks.h>

Public Types

enum  Status { UNWOUNDED = 0, ELASTIC = 1, DIFF = 2, ABS = 3 }
 Enum for specifying the status of a nucleon. More...
typedef vector< double > State
 The state of a nucleon is a general vector of doubles.

Public Member Functions

 Nucleon (int idIn=0, int indexIn=0, const Vec4 &pos=Vec4())
int id () const
 Accessor functions: More...
int index () const
 The nucleon type.
const Vec4nPos () const
 The position of this nucleon relative to the nucleus center.
const Vec4bPos () const
 The absolute position in impact parameter space.
const Vec4bShift (const Vec4 &bvec)
 Shift the absolute position in impact parameter space.
Status status () const
 The status.
bool done () const
 Check if nucleon has been assigned.
EventInfoevent () const
 The event this nucleon is assigned to.
const Statestate () const
 The physical state of the incoming nucleon.
const StatealtState (int i=0)
 Return an alternative state.
void status (Status s)
 Manipulating functions: More...
void state (State s)
 Set the physical state.
void addAltState (State s)
 Add an alternative state.
void select (EventInfo &evp, Status s)
 Select an event for this nucleon.
void select ()
 Select this nucleon to be assigned to an event.
void debug ()
 Print out debugging information. More...


class SubCollisionModel

Detailed Description

The Nucleon class represent a nucleon in a nucleus. It has an id number (proton or neutron) an impact parameter position (absolute and relative to the nucleus center), a status and a state to be defined and used by a SubCollisionModel.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Status

Enum for specifying the status of a nucleon.


The nucleon is not wounded.


The nucleon is elastically scattered.


The nucleon is diffractively wounded.


The nucleon is absorptively wounded.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Nucleon ( int  idIn = 0,
int  indexIn = 0,
const Vec4 pos = Vec4() 

The constuctor takes a particle id and a position in impact parameter relative to the nucleus center as arguments.

Member Function Documentation

void debug ( )

Print out debugging information.

The Nucleon class describing a Nucleon in a Nucleus.

Print out information about a Nuclean. To be called from inside a debugger.

int id ( ) const

Accessor functions:

The nucleon type.

void status ( Status  s)

Manipulating functions:

Set the status.

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