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NucleusModel Class Referenceabstract

#include <HIUserHooks.h>

Inheritance diagram for NucleusModel:
WoodsSaxonModel GLISSANDOModel

Public Member Functions

 NucleusModel ()
virtual ~NucleusModel ()
 Virtual destructor.
void initPtr (int idIn, Settings &settingsIn, ParticleData &particleDataIn, Rndm &rndIn)
 Init method. More...
virtual bool init ()
 Initialise in a subclass. Only a dummy in this base class.
virtual Particle produceIon (bool istarg)
virtual vector< Nucleongenerate () const =0
int id () const
 Accessor functions.
int I () const
int A () const
int Z () const
int L () const
double R () const

Protected Attributes

int idSave
 The nucleus.
int ISave
 Cache information about the nucleus.
int ASave
int ZSave
int LSave
double RSave
 The estimate of the nucleus radius.
 Pointers to useful objects.

Detailed Description

This class generates the impact parameter distribution of nucleons in a nucleus.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NucleusModel ( )

Default constructor giving the nucleis id and an optional raduis (in femtometer).

Member Function Documentation

virtual vector<Nucleon> generate ( ) const
pure virtual

Generate a vector of nucleons according to the implemented model for a nucleus given by the PDG number.

Implemented in GLISSANDOModel.

void initPtr ( int  idIn,
Settings settingsIn,
ParticleData particleDataIn,
Rndm rndIn 

Init method.

NucleusModel base class.

Initialise base class, passing pointers to important objects.

Particle produceIon ( bool  istarg)

Produce a proper particle corresponding to the nucleus handled by this NucleusModel.

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