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PomH1Jets Class Reference

#include <PartonDistributions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PomH1Jets (int idBeamIn=990, int iFit=1, double rescaleIn=1., string pdfdataPath="../share/Pythia8/pdfdata/", Info *infoPtr=0)
 PomH1Jets (int idBeamIn, double rescaleIn, istream &is, Info *infoPtr=0)
 Constructor with a stream.
void setExtrapolate (bool doExtraPolIn)
 Allow extrapolation beyond boundaries. This is optional.
- Public Member Functions inherited from PDF
 PDF (int idBeamIn=2212)
virtual ~PDF ()
virtual bool isSetup ()
 Confirm that PDF has been set up (important for LHAPDF and H1 Pomeron).
virtual void newValenceContent (int idVal1In, int idVal2In)
 Dynamic choice of meson valence flavours for pi0, K0S, K0L, Pomeron.
virtual double xf (int id, double x, double Q2)
 Read out parton density. More...
virtual double xfVal (int id, double x, double Q2)
 Read out valence and sea part of parton densities. More...
virtual double xfSea (int id, double x, double Q2)
 Only sea part of parton densities. More...
virtual bool insideBounds (double, double)
 Check whether x and Q2 values fall inside the fit bounds (LHAPDF6 only).
virtual double alphaS (double)
 Access the running alpha_s of a PDF set (LHAPDF6 only).
virtual double mQuarkPDF (int)
 Return quark masses used in the PDF fit (LHAPDF6 only).
virtual int nMembers ()
 Return number of members of this PDF family (LHAPDF6 only).
virtual void calcPDFEnvelope (int, double, double, int)
 Calculate PDF envelope.
virtual void calcPDFEnvelope (pair< int, int >, pair< double, double >, double, int)
virtual PDFEnvelope getPDFEnvelope ()
virtual double gammaPDFxDependence (int, double)
 Approximate photon PDFs by decoupling the scale and x-dependence.
virtual double gammaPDFRefScale (int)
 Provide the reference scale for logarithmic Q^2 evolution for photons.
virtual int sampleGammaValFlavor (double)
 Sample the valence content for photons.
virtual double xfIntegratedTotal (double)
 The total x-integrated PDFs. Relevant for MPIs with photon beams.
virtual double xGamma ()
 Return the sampled value for x_gamma.
virtual void xPom (double=-1.0)
 Keep track of pomeron momentum fraction.
virtual double xfFlux (int, double, double)
 Return accurate and approximated photon fluxes and PDFs.
virtual double xfApprox (int, double, double)
virtual double xfGamma (int, double, double)
virtual double intFluxApprox ()
virtual bool hasApproxGammaFlux ()
virtual double getXmin ()
 Return the kinematical limits and sample Q2 and x.
virtual double getXhadr ()
virtual double sampleXgamma (double)
virtual double sampleQ2gamma (double)
virtual double xfMax (int id, double x, double Q2)
 Normal PDFs unless gamma inside lepton -> an overestimate for sampling.
virtual double xfSame (int id, double x, double Q2)
 Normal PDFs unless gamma inside lepton -> Do not sample x_gamma.
virtual void setVMDscale (double=1.)
 Allow for new scaling factor for VMD PDFs.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from PDF
void setValenceContent ()
 Resolve valence content for assumed meson. Possibly modified later. More...
void printErr (string errMsg, Info *infoPtr=0)
 Small routine for error printout, depending on infoPtr existing or not.
- Protected Attributes inherited from PDF
int idBeam
 Store relevant quantities.
int idBeamAbs
int idSav
int idVal1
int idVal2
double xSav
double Q2Sav
double xu
double xd
double xs
double xubar
double xdbar
double xsbar
double xc
double xb
double xg
double xlepton
double xgamma
double xuVal
double xuSea
double xdVal
double xdSea
bool isSet
bool isInit
double xsVal
 More valence and sea flavors for photon PDFs.
double xcVal
double xbVal
double xsSea
double xcSea
double xbSea
bool hasGammaInLepton
 True if a photon beam inside a lepton beam, otherwise set false.

Detailed Description

The H1 2007 Jets Pomeron parametrization.. H1 Collaboration, A. Aktas et al., "Dijet Cross Sections and Parton Densities in Diffractive DIS at HERA", DESY-07-115, Aug 2007. 33pp. Published in JHEP 0710:042,2007. e-Print: arXiv:0708.3217 [hep-ex]

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