PYTHIA  8.303
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PowhegProcs Class Reference

#include <PowhegProcs.h>

Public Member Functions

 PowhegProcs (Pythia *pythia, string procIn, string dirIn="powhegrun", string pdfIn="", bool random=true)
 Constructor. More...
bool readString (string line)
 Read a POWHEG settings string. More...
bool readFile (string name)
 Read a POWHEG settings file.
bool init ()
 Write out the input for POWHEG. More...

Detailed Description

A class to generate events with hard processes from POWHEGBOX matrix elements. See http:/// for further details on POWHEGBOX. WARNING: If one wishes to use LHAPDF with both POWHEGBOX and Pythia, only LHAPDF 6 configured with the option "--with-lhapdf6-plugin=LHAPDF6.h" for Pythia should be used. If not, and differing PDF sets are used between POWHEGBOX and Pythia, POWHEGBOX will not re-initialize the PDF set and consequently will use the PDF set last used by Pythia.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PowhegProcs ( Pythia pythia,
string  procIn,
string  dirIn = "powhegrun",
string  pdfIn = "",
bool  random = true 


pythia: The PYTHIA object the plugin will use for settings and random numbers. procIn: the process name. An attempt is made to load the plugin library libpythia8powheg<procIn>.so. dirIn: The directory where the POWHEG matrix element will be run. This is needed if two instances are to be run concurrently since the matrix element generates a large number of files. pdfIn: The full path and name of the PDF file to use, if not using LHAPDF. This file is copied to the run directory via the init() method. random: Flag to use the Pythia random number generator with POWHEGBOX. If true, the POWHEGBOX random number block is initialized for each event from the Pythia random number generator. If false, the default POWHEGBOX random number generation is performed. Note that the initialization is always performed using the POWHEGBOX random number generation (which can be modified via the POWHEGBOX configuration).

Load the LHAup pointer.

Member Function Documentation

bool init ( )

Write out the input for POWHEG.

Write the input for POWHEG.

Copy over the PDF file if needed.

Copy the settings to the configuration file.

bool readString ( string  line)

Read a POWHEG settings string.

Read a POWHEG settings string. If a setting is repeated a warning is printed but the most recent setting is used.

Copy string without initial and trailing blanks.

Find the key.

Add the setting.

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