PYTHIA  8.303
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Pythia8Rivet Class Reference

#include <Pythia8Rivet.h>

Public Member Functions

 Pythia8Rivet (Pythia &pytin, string fname)
 ~Pythia8Rivet ()
void addAnalysis (string ana)
void addPreload (string prel)
void ignoreBeams (bool flagIn)
void addRunName (const string runname)
void init (const HepMC::GenEvent &gev)
void operator() ()
void operator() (Event &event, int ievnum=-1, const Pythia8::Info *pyinfo=0, Pythia8::Settings *pyset=0, bool append=false, HepMC::GenParticle *rootParticle=0, int iBarcode=-1)
void done ()

Detailed Description

Simplified interface to the Rivet program. Remember to link with pythia and -lhepmcinterface -lHepMC -lRivet

Usage: (1) Create an object giving the pythia object and a filename as arguments. (2) Repeatedly specify (the name of an) analysis with the addAnalysis() function, possibly with analysis parameters. (3) initialize the underlying Rivet object with the init() function. (4) Analyze an event with the operator() function. (5) Dump the histograms to a file with the done() function.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pythia8Rivet ( Pythia pytin,
string  fname 

The constructor needs to have the main Pythia object, and the name of the file where the histograms are dumped.

~Pythia8Rivet ( )

The destructor will write the histogram file if this has not already been done.

Member Function Documentation

void addAnalysis ( string  ana)

Add the name of an analysis to be performed, with a list of analysis parameters.

void addPreload ( string  prel)

Add a YODA file pre-load pre-filled histogram from.

void addRunName ( const string  runname)

Add an (optional) run name for Rivet internal use.

void done ( )

Writes histograms to file and deletes the Rivet object. Does nothing if Rivet was not initialized.

void ignoreBeams ( bool  flagIn)

Set "ignore beams" flag.

void init ( const HepMC::GenEvent &  gev)

Initialize Rivet. Will do nothing if Rivet was already initialized

void operator() ( )

Analyze the default Pythia event. Will do nothing if Rivet has not been intialized.

void operator() ( Event event,
int  ievnum = -1,
const Pythia8::Info pyinfo = 0,
Pythia8::Settings pyset = 0,
bool  append = false,
HepMC::GenParticle *  rootParticle = 0,
int  iBarcode = -1 

Analyze the given event.

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